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What should or shouldn’t I Eat During My Pregnancy?

Pregnant women need to ensure that their diet contains enough nutrients and energy for the baby to thrive and grow properly. They also need to make sure that her body is safe enough to cope with the changes that are happening.

Raw fish and shellfish may be infected with bacteria and parasites. Some of these can cause adverse health effects and damage both you and your infant.
Raw or undercooked meat can contain harmful bacteria.
Raw eggs can be infected with Salmonella which may put you and your baby at risk. Make sure to thoroughly cook eggs before eating.
Organ meat is a great source of magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, and copper. To avoid eating too much vitamin A limit your consumption of organ meat to a few ounces once a week.
Fruits and vegetables can be infected with harmful bacteria. It’s essential to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables with plenty of clean water.
Do not eat milk, cheese, or fruit juice unpasteurized, as these foods raise the risk of bacterial infections.

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