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Menstrual Problems:

Women may have problems or complications with their menstrual cycle from time to time.

Regular Periods are a good sign that the body is in good working order.

Unless you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, postmenopausal, or have a medical condition that causes your cycles to end, you should have daily periods. Periods that are irregular, painful, or heavy could indicate a serious health issue. Irregular intervals can also make it more difficult to conceive. Your doctor will work with you to improve the regularity of your cycles. If your menstrual cycle is shorter or longer than normal, your cycles are considered irregular. This means that the time between the start of your previous period and the start of your next period is either less than 24 days or more than 38 days.

This applies to a period of at least 90 days without a menstrual cycle. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, eating disorders, excessive exercise, and stress are all factors that contribute to amenorrhea.


Menstrual pain can be very intense at times. Uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and elevated levels of a hormone called prostaglandin are all potential causes.

Abnormal uterine bleeding:

Any vaginal bleeding that is not considered usual for a menstrual cycle is referred to as this. Bleeding during cycles or after sex, genital spotting, unusually intense or prolonged menstrual bleeding, and postmenopausal bleeding are all examples of this.

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