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Pain associated with menstruation is called Dysmenorrhea.

The medical term for period pain (menstruation) or menstrual cramps is dysmenorrhea. 

Main and secondary dysmenorrhea are the two forms of dysmenorrhea.

Primary Dysmenorrhea:

Primary dysmenorrhea is the term for frequent menstrual cramps that aren’t caused by other diseases. Pain generally starts one or two days before your period or when the bleeding begins. In the lower abdomen, back, or thighs, you can experience pain ranging from mild to extreme.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea:

Secondary dysmenorrhea occurs when you have painful cycles as a result of a disease or infection in your female reproductive organs. Secondary dysmenorrhea pain usually starts earlier in the menstrual cycle and lasts longer than regular menstrual cramps. You don’t usually feel nausea, vomiting, or fatigue.

Contact Doctor if you have serious or irregular menstrual cramps or cramps that last more than two or three days. It’s necessary to get tested because both main and secondary menstrual cramps can be handled.

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